CONSTRUCT in Paperback!

construct_paperback_stack_inline_smallFor all you tree-book readers out there Construct is now available in paperback at Amazon! Just follow this link and you can pick up your own hard-copy.

At first, I was reluctant to release Construct as a paperback. Print-on-Demand services like CreateSpace make it difficult to price a paperback in the range that I’d normally want to (even the $12.99 price point for Construct is a bit higher than I’d like). After speaking with a number of readers who don’t seem to mind, it seemed like doing a paperback was just a no-brainer.

I put a ton of work into designing the paperback from the ground up, so I really hope you enjoy it. If you pick up a copy, please send me a picture on social media – the Chronicler Saga Facebook group or @GeekElite on Twitter – so I can add it to my “Construct in the Wild” photo album!

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