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Release Date: SEPTEMBER 18th, 2014
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construct_cover_thumbnail“Matthews’ vivid description, brisk pacing, and page-turning mystery hooked me from the first page. The haunted construct Samuel is as fine an example of a compelling fantasy character as I could hope to find. CONSTRUCT is a delight!”   – Cullen Bunn, writer of The Sixth Gun

The essence of every construct resides in their core. A fist-sized stone, carefully saturated with khet, mounted in a walking shell – the vessel through which experience will shape them. Wipe a construct’s core – strip all that away – and what’s left?

It’s a quandary that now haunts Samuel’s every step. Hundreds of years of life – the chronicle of his experience – taken from him. All that he once was, replaced by visions of a gruesome murder, the piercing silver eyes of a ruthless hunter, and premonitions of his own destruction. All of it punctuated by the one thing that no construct is supposed to be capable of: emotion.

Relentlessly pursued and adrift in a world that sees constructs as little more than property, Samuel now faces the hardest challenge of all – knowing who to trust.

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More praise for Construct:

Construct is a roller-coaster ride: exciting, suspenseful, and difficult to put down.” – Amazon Review

“If you like the thrill of the hunt/chase, do yourself a favor and get this book.” – Amazon Review

“…a terrific surprise. Original, quick-paced, exciting, and suspenseful.” – GoodReads Review

“Expect to be up way too late reading without even realizing it…” – Amazon Review

“…a fast paced, hard hitting, roller coaster ride of a fantasy story.” – Amazon Review

“I can’t wait for the next book in the series.” – GoodReads Review

“Hard to put down.” – Amazon Review

“I hate this book for the sleep I lost…” – Amazon Review