’s Top 25 Indie Fantasy Books

Construct made’s list of 25 Best Indie Fantasy Books!

The Balance of Adeptitude

The Balance of Adeptitude

Khet is, at least to many, considered a great equalizer. In reality, it is merely another criteria by which class divisions are formed. Tales of outland kingdoms paint pictures of societies historically divided by schisms of race and gender, but no such distinctions exist in the adept-rich Sovereignty of Helissia. That does not, however, mean […]

Reddit AMA Transcript

My AMA on Reddit /r/Fantasy a couple of weeks ago was a rousing success. I received a ton of support and questions, so I thought I’d post an edited transcript here, since it’s effectively an author interview. It’s a nice mix of serious and goofball questions, and I had a great time answering them. Hopefully […]

Free eBooks for Hugo Voters

If you are a voting member of the Hugos, I want to send you a copy of my debut fantasy novel Construct.

CONSTRUCT in Paperback!

For all you tree-book readers out there Construct is now available in paperback at Amazon!

Reddit AMA on Monday, 2/16

On Monday, February 16th, I’ll be running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit as /r/Fantasy’s Writer of the Day!

The Reviews Are In!

A little over one month after release, the reader reviews of Construct have begun to roll in.

CONSTRUCT, Chapter Six

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six CHAPTER SIX Taeman gathered up his gear and tossed it into his wagon, muttered something about speaking with a colleague about Samuel’s shoulder, and waddle-trotted off into the encampment. The artificer’s other constructs were still attending to their […]

Creating CONSTRUCT’s Cover

Self-publishing a novel gives me a ton of leeway in areas I would not otherwise have it, one of the most prominent being cover design.

CONSTRUCT, Chapter Five

A chapter per week has been posted leading up to the book’s release, giving you a glimpse into the world of CONSTRUCT, Book I of The Chronicler Saga. Please enjoy Chapter Five, and pick up your own copy of CONSTRUCT on Thursday, September 18th!

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