’s Top 25 Indie Fantasy Books

Years ago, I was looking for a good list of epic fantasy novels so I could bring myself up to speed on all the great books I hadn’t yet read. Searching the web, the site that stood out among all others for their great synopses and concise organization was I used their 25 Best Fantasy Books list as a jumping off point for a long TBR list, well before I ever joined Reddit r/Fantasy or had many other good communities for gathering recommendations.

Last week, I found out that my debut novel Construct made their list of 25 Best Indie Fantasy Books! Look at me, right there at #18 alongside some other great indie authors like S.A. Hunt, M. Todd Gallowglas, Mike McClung, and Ben Galley (all of which you should check out, FYI). Huge thanks to the crew over at for including Construct in your recommendations!

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