The Reviews Are In!

A little over one month after release, the reader reviews of Construct have begun to roll in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive! On GoodReads, the book sits at a 4.6 star rating, and is even higher on Amazon. Here’s some of what people are saying:

Construct is a roller-coaster ride: exciting, suspenseful, and difficult to put down.” – Amazon Review

“If you like the thrill of the hunt/chase, do yourself a favor and get this book.” – Amazon Review

“…a terrific surprise. Original, quick-paced, exciting, and suspenseful.” – GoodReads Review

“Expect to be up way too late reading without even realizing it…” – Amazon Review

“…a fast paced, hard hitting, roller coaster ride of a fantasy story.” – Amazon Review

“I can’t wait for the next book in the series.” – GoodReads Review

“Hard to put down.” – Amazon Review

“I hate this book for the sleep I lost…” – Amazon Review

Are these words enough to convince you to pick up a copy of your own? If so, head over to the Buy The Book page and plunk down $4 at your favorite eBook store! Happy reading!

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